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Purchasing a new home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so it is important to be informed about your dream home before you buy! However, an inspection is also a very important step when selling a home. Not only does the pre-sale inspection enable you to attend to problems before the house is put on the market, but it also removes any questions for you and homebuyers about the condition of your home. Buyers are positively influenced by a professionally produced home inspection report, which improves the speed, price, and likelihood of a sale.

Make sure your roof is right

When buying a new home, it’s reasonable to worry about the roof, which is a big-ticket item. Of all the problems you can encounter around the house, roofing problems are by far some of the most challenging. Leaks can develop unnoticed for years causing rot, mold, warping and other major and expensive damage. Recognizing roofing issues early can save you thousands of dollars, and this is exactly why you’ll want a home inspection that covers this vital part of your home.

Annual Maintenance Check

If diagnosed and corrected early, most problems in a house are minor and can be easily rectified and inexpensively repaired. For a small fraction of what a major repair would cost, you can have your home completely checked out and repaired before damaged or unsafe conditions worsen and become much more expensive. When considering a home renovation or addition it is prudent to include a home inspection in that process. After all, it’s your home and you want the improvements to be done correctly.

A good home inspection means peace of mind

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